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Internet telephony company Skype has secured a landmark deal with mobile handset maker Nokia to preload Skype software onto some of its new smartphones, beginning in the third quarter of this year. Skype’s technology allows consumers to make cheap long-distance calls over the Web to land lines or cell phones; calls to other Skype users are completely free. The eBay company has been slowly moving into the mobile phone arena with deals with operators like Hutchison Whampoa’s 3. (Source: Reuters)


I wonder what this will do to the Nokia/Operator relationships which were so carefully nutured over the years.


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After my last phone call tonight, I put my Nokia down on the table and looked at it for the first time. Now, mind you, I’ve had a mobile phone since 1993 when I joined Nokia so it’s not like I’ve never seen a phone.

But this time, I placed it on my work desk in front of my laptop and I saw and contemplated it.

I could be a Friday night sort of feeling where I’m home alone because I’m sick. I just looked at the phone, history came forward, and I initially marveled but that did not last long.

This tiny device in front of me connects me to the world. I have no clue how to construct one of these despite having worked in companies manufacturing mobile phones for 10 years.

Then I thought of my early career.

I started work in 1988. It was an international company and a leader in its industry. Yet, when I started work, I had no mobile phone, no laptop, no blackberry, and no email. What that meant practically is that when I left work for the day, I really left work.

What did that mean to me? Well, I enjoyed me job. So, as a result, I actually looked forward to going to work each morning. I enjoyed my 8 hours there. And yes, I did leave at 6pm every day. And, I enjoyed leaving work each day. I looked forward to Fridays because I had the weekend to enjoy but I equally enjoyed my Sunday as it meant I could go back to doing something I really enjoyed (for 8 hours).

After 20 years of working, I moved up the ranks and held very senior positions in jobs that I technically should have enjoyed. I know I should have enjoyed those jobs because after I left all those companies, I still think about them, read about them and hold a dear interest in the companies and industries that I left.

But then, why didn’t I stay? Why did I burn out?

Mobile phones came into the picture, laptops and emails visited and finally Blackberries invaded. I didn’t have air tight containers of different things I enjoy. My different enjoyments crashed and clashed.

I love cooking and I love tennis. Can you imagine cooking and playing tennis at the same time? It just doesn’t work!

If technology allowed me to do two or more things that I love at the same time, the result will be rejection of both.

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