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Today platform is more important than content.

Tomorrow content will be more important than platform.

Take heart.


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Technology in Education

Admittedly, this is US centric and is targeted more to high school education. However, this is extremely relevant for us and we are actually using many of the ideas in this vid (e.g. podcasts, portfolios, etc). There are also a number of new thoughts that we could consider.

While I was watching this, it struck me that I’d probably have skimmed read the same content in written form. However, a very simple text-based video with music managed to reign my usually short attention span.

Watching this though, it seems targeted at “old fashioned” American high school teachers.

Worth a watch though.

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Appeared on 13th March 2007. To read, click to enlarge.

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I’ve written a couple of others for the Straits Times, entitled Marketing Strategies Get a Lift from Technology and Building a Political Brand.

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