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Arguably Racist 1960’s Jell-O Ad

Oh dear… don’t know what to make of it. The brief was probably twofold. To talk about the great taste but also to highlight the variety of flavours.

From a creative point of view, if this was truly from the 60s, the juxtaposition of a Chinese baby with jello is very clever methinks. Surely would have made people sit up and look.


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This evening, I decided to go through accumulated bills from the last two weeks. Each envelope I open is filled with other “stuff”. While some were interesting, I just did not have the bandwidth to go through all of them. Actually, some of them, I really was keen to find out.


1. Keep language brutally simple. We don’t believe marketing blah blah. Give us the facts and keep it at that. We’ll make up our own minds.

2. Keep the word count brutally minimal. We want economy and efficiency of language. We just don’t have time to plow through your marketing blah blah.

3. Layout. Keep it simple. No pictures admittedly is irritating but redundant pictures and complicated layout is even worse.

End result. Nothing caught my attention and both the marketer and myself are worse off for it.

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